Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FOR SALE: Kenny Brown P2 Panther

Based on a 1998 Crown Victoria LX


$9,950 obo

This Crown Victoria is Medium Charcoal (it *is* metallic) with a light/medium gray interior. This car looks and drives beautifully…AND it gets surprisingly good fuel economy. On the highway, I have gotten as high
as 25+ mpg and average around 23 mpg. It currently has 86kmi.

This car was built in April of 1998 - and has an interesting story. I purchased the car in 2001 - at which time it had several modifications, including the roots-type supercharger. At the time of purchase, the car was a standard Crown Vic with a few modifications. After some research, I found out that Kenny Brown Performance (www.kennybrown.com) out of Indianpolis, IN did the modifications. After some discussion, they agreed to perform the remaining modifications to make the Crown Vic into a P2 package.

Kenny Brown specified 325 RWHP of the P2 package of that time. The modifications (both Kenny Brown's and other minor ones) include the following:

1. Ford SVO supercharger (~6 lbs boost)

2. Custom intake

3. Full subframe chassis

4. HD control arms (equivalent to police package)

5. Bilstien shocks

6. FRPP front springs (car has stock rear air-springs)

7. Relocated air-spring sensor (#6 and 7 resulted in a lowered car of about 1+ inches).

8. Stiffer sway-bar bushings

9. High-flow dual exhaust with H-pipe

10. B&M Shift+ electronic transmission module

11. Secondary fuel pump

12. Upgraded fuel injectors

13. Steering gear changed

14. K&N filter

15. Aftermarket electric moon roof – incredibly professional and high quality

16. Two gauge dash pod: Tachometer and boost.

17. Serialization including underhood plate and dash plate (see pics)

18. 50% tinted windows on all windows except windshield – tasteful

19. PIAA dual driving/fog lamps

I've always used Mobile 1 for oil - which was changed at regular intervals.

The car's exhaust is definitely more aggressive sounding than stock, but does not intrude inside the car - it's an cextremely well-insulated car. Little road noise - which is not surprising with a body-on-frame vehicle.

Since I've owned it (April 2001), this car has been stored during the winter in a fully-enclosed garage.

Mechanical condition. The car has never, ever, broken down. I have had one minor repair during my ownership – that was a new idler pulley (bearing went) and, at the time, also replaced the serpentine belt. The tires, which are 255RZ16 (yes, Z rated) have <1000 style=""> A new battery was installed late 2006.

Body condition. The exterior of the car is supurb. While not show-room condition, the condition of the paint and body is excellent. There is a crack on a piece of chrome molding on the trunk lid (see picture). There are no door dings that I could see.

Interior condition. The interior has factory floor mats, dual power leather seats and the digital dash with full computer complement (gas mileage, dual trips, instant economy) with full climate control – simply set the temperature! The rear-view mirror is auto dimming. There is a six CD changer (changer is in the cavernous trunk). The head unit has a tape deck (I never used, or even tried to use it).

Other issues. The summer of 2001, the car sustained some minor hail damage – which was completely repaired via paintless dent repair. The following year, I was in a fender bender by rear-ending someone. The buyer is assured that the work was performed at the top body shop in the Minneapolis/St Paul area and all NEW parts were used. The workmanship is exemplary.

Also, the B&M Shift+ is a 3-way switch to control the shift points and firmness – stock, mild, and sport. For some reason, it stays in sport regardless of the switch position. This part was not expensive (at the time, it was under $50).

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